Hannah Hayward



Hannah Hayward BSc (Hons), MSc has dedicated herself to autism research and tirelessly advocates for increased public understanding of women on the spectrum, and indeed the greater well-being of all those with neurodiverse conditions.

Spanning over a decade, Hannah’s extensive work in autism covers research, diagnosis, mentoring, care, training and education. She is highly experienced in delivering gold standard ADI/R and ADOS for diagnosis of both adults and children and sees patients and their families both privately and through her ongoing work with Maudsley NHS hospital; a leading, specialist autism diagnostic centre. She is completing a PhD at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King's College London on how we can better understand sex differences and similarities in the autism profile. 

Since 2012, Hannah has been delivering ASD psycho-educational workshops with male and female offenders across London prisons. Having been part of a successful bid for government funding in early 2018, she is now partnering with St. Giles Trust to improve service provision for women with mental health and complex support needs in England’s Criminal Justice System. Hannah will deliver ASD specialist training to both staff and offenders across seven prisons nationwide, with a view to rolling out this first-of-its-kind training across other systems in the criminal justice system.

I believe society would be less without autism. As an active ally of the neurodiverse community, I work to increase understanding, improve services and broaden opportunities for all those on the spectrum, especially those most vulnerable.
— Hannah Hayward

Who does Hannah work with? 

  • Anyone seeking a clinical diagnosis of ASD

  • Individuals and loved ones affected by autism, in need of private, professional support or advice.

  • Organisations wishing to educate staff on ASD through talks, workshops or bespoke training (can tailor sessions to focus on females or forensic issues), to better understand and serve neurodiverse individuals and groups.

  • Fellow researchers, healthcare professionals and campaigners working to understand and raise awareness of autism. 


 If you would like to know more about Hannah’s work please get in touch.